Friday, January 4, 2013

Burn Fat Fast With Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins' Body Blast Workout

Need an easy, effective way to kickstart your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Try the total body workout crafted by Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who has whipped celebs like Pink and Kelly Rowland into shape.

Pink and Kelly Rowland
Pink and Kelly Rowland
Credit: Steve Granitz/; Rob Kim/FilmMagic

"It's an amazing exercise to burn calories and boost your metabolic rate," Jenkins tells Us Weekly of her sprint-to-pendulum combo exercise, which can be done without gym equipment at home and on-the-go.


1. As hard as you can, sprint on the spot for 30 seconds, lifting knees up as high as possible while pumping arms.

2. Then, swing legs side to side, as shown by Jenkins in the video above.

To get the most out of this workout, Jenkins suggests sprinting for 30 seconds, then doing 10 pendulums on each side. The trainer's top tip: Keep abs tight while performing all maneuvers. Says the fitness guru, who has also worked with Pink : "This is a total body blast!"


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