Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Social gathering at the Conclusion of the World : A Mayan Doomsday Dance in Chichen Itza

VALLADOLID, MEXICO &mdash In Hollywood&rsquos acquire on the Mayan apocalypse, 2012, the Earth melts from the within out &ldquodue to the sun &rsquos harmful forces,&rdquo Woody Harrelson describes. But when the morning of December 21 rolled all over to the Chichen Itza, a slim layer of clouds rendered the solstice sun so benign that the tens of 1000's of pasty pilgrims who descended upon the Mayan ruins could go devoid of sunscreen.

It was a great omen for the various thousand visitors who had come for Synthesis 2012, a about three - day spirituality convention and digital &ndashworld songs festival celebrating &ldquothe conclusion of the Mayan calendar.&rdquo Their prepared dawn procession to the historic metropolis canceled owing to the countrywide park&rsquos rigorous protection, the white colored -clad spiritualists had sign up for ed the less righte ous guests deposited by tour buses from all-inclusive resorts at Chichen Itza's community opening time, eight a.m.


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