Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nowadays in Boys: Graham Winfield from Sight Control

Yesterday, TFS Discussion board Buzz editor Chrissy Makkas posted a characteristic about a modern crop (haha) of designs who've minimize their hair. (You should read through it.) The article integrated a slide profiling Travis Cannatta (and his new V Magazine - permitted hair), which uhhh... piqued my fascination in the terrific globe of style boys. Sorry, designs. Male designs. 

Fashion is a single of the handful of industries wherever the pay gender gap is reversed. If you are a performing male product, bless your coronary heart (and mother ) for currently being so very &mdash but also, boy am I at any time glad not to be in your pricey leather-based ankle boots, which you're probably in credit card debt for to your agency. (Not that aspiring higher manner female models are neccessarily much better compensated, they just have greater potential customers. If you want to read more about the bleak economics of being a performing design, Pricing Elegance : The Creating of a Fashion Model  by Ashley Mears is the e-book.)

Anyway, I considered I would probably from time to time pull a couple of images of an eye-catching male model from the tFS Message boards "Hommes" boards, just simply because we deserve eye candy and these boys deserve to get positions.

This turned out to be more durable than I'd predicted. I required to uncover someone excellent - hunting, but styles are fantastic - searching by definition &mdash with no exception, usually. So I had to resort to judging the personalities of individuals I'd under no circumstances satisfied, which is really seldom productive.

I ended up deciding on a product with only one particular article to his thread, simply because there wasn't ample information about him to switch me off (no, I am not entertaining to day ). His title is Graham Winfield and he's with Sight Management. He's way adorable (that jawline! that hair!) and has presently mastered model - deal with. Another person give him a occupation, plz. 

Photos by using TFS Message boards

If you'd like to nominate another person for "Today in Boys" which I hope will develop into a semi- frequently occuring attribute, go for it in the responses. You'll be undertaking a great deed. 


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